18/12/2010 12:42PM [GMT +8]

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And peeps, maybe some of us still searching on the soundtrack in The Arrivals documentary which was directed by noreagaa and archenahr. So, basically, I've found some of the soundtrack that's used mostly on the documentary, it's by Clint Mansell from The Fountain soundtrack also. Here is the link of the full of "The Fountain OST" [Mediafire]: Click Here.

P/S: sorry for the link. I've updated it. :)

Salam Maal Hijrah [29 Zulhijjah transform to 1 Muharram]

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Salam maal hijrah untuk semua umat Islam. :)
Semoga kenangan 1431H dapat dijadikan pengajaran utk 1432H..
Mudah-mudahan kita dpt berubah menjadi yang lebih baik lagi.

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