Fifa Online 2 [26th April 2009]

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Hari ni hari ahad
aku baru je nk start lek main fifa online 2 setelah da 3 hari x men.
saje je aku login kat world tour mode hari ni sbb nk test aku ni power ke tak sbb aku x training fifa online 2 time 3 hari tu, just main Fifa Offline Series: Fifa 2005
Aku kan budak suka game dulu dulu.
mula mula
just main mcm style biasa je
passing memanjang.
hmm dan..
after aku menguasai babak pertama
dia mcm terkejut sambil berkata..
bawah ni buktinya..

kalau ada sesiapa main fifa online 2
add la aku. [mana-mana dua id di bawah]
1. ThaUntouchable
2. Minority

thank u..

Selangor.. :)

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tahniah kepada Amri sbb da selamatkan selangor dari kalah masa tambahan 1.. :)
walaupun perlawanan x seberapa.. tapi sejarah tercipta kembali.
selangor menang.
thanks kepada safee sbb dpt jaringkan penalti tadi

Unable to Open Hard or USB Flash Drive with Windows Script Host Cannot Find Script File autorun.vbs Error

In some situation especially when anti-virus program has cleaned, healed, disinfected or removed a worm, trojan horse or virus from computer, there may be error happening whenever users try to open or access the drive by double clicking on the disk drive icon in Explorer or My Computer window to try to enter the drive’s folder. The problem or symptom happens in hard disk drive, portable hard disk drive or USB flash drive, and Windows will prompt a dialog box with the following message:

Windows Script Host

Can not find script file autorun.vbs.

Sometimes you will be asked to debug the VBScript with error code of 800A041F - Unexpected ‘Next’.


Choose the program you want to use to open this file with:

In this case, the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” option is grayed out.

The symptom occurs because when autorun.vbs is created by trojan horse or virus. The virus normally loads autorun.inf file to root folder of all hard drive or USB drive, and then execute autorun.bat file which contains script to apply and merge autorun.reg into the registry, with possible change to the following registry key to ensure that virus is loaded when system starts:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

Finally, autorun.bat will call wscript.exe to run autorun.vbs.

When antivirus or security software detected the autorun.vbs file as infected, the file will be deleted or removed or quarantined. However, other files (autorun.*) and registry value still referring to autorun.vbs, and this document no longer exists, hence the error when users double click to open a drive folder.

To correct and solve this error, follow this steps:
Run Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del or right click on Taskbar)
Stop wscript.exe process if available by highlighting the process name and clicking End Process.
Then terminate explorer.exe process.
In Task Manager, click on File -> New Task (Run…).
Type “cmd” (without quotes) into the Open text box and click OK.
Type the following command one by one followed by hitting Enter key:

del c:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a
del d:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a
del e:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a

c, d, e each represents drive letters on Windows system. If there are more drives or partitions available, continue to command by altering to other drive letter. Note that you must also clean the autorun files from USB flash drive or portable hard disk as the external drive may also be infected.
In Task Manager, click on File -> New Task (Run…).
Type “regedit” (without quotes) into the Open text box and click OK.
Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Check if the value name and value data for the key is correct (the value data of userint.exe include the path which may be different than C drive, which is also valid, note also the comma which is also needed):


If the value is incorrent, modify it to the valid value data.

Ahli Gusti Mati..

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Baca dulu kat bawah

The medical examiner in Hillsborough County, Florida ruled that the death of former WWE wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin was a result of an accidental overdose of Oxycodone according to the UK Sun.

Oxycodone, the active ingredient in the painkiller OxyContin, is also known as "Hillbilly Heroin" on the street.

Martin was found dead in his Florida condominium on the night of March 13 after a neighbor reported to police that he had laid motionless inside for at least 24 hours.

The former professional wrestler was well liked among his peers and successful in his career.

During his time with WWE he held three individual championship belts, including the Intercontinental Championship, as well as being a tag team champion.

=Ramai ahli gusti yg beragama bukan samawi mati disebabkan oleh dadah.
So.. WTF ???? Mati akal dow dorang tu. Adoyai.. Contoh cam Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Bam Bam Bigelow... dan sebagainya..

Lagu Oh Lagu..

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Salu korang downlaod kat ne ?
guna P2P ke.. ???
ke kat blog ke.
mne-mne ???
kongsi ek
bak kata budak komp..
sharing is caring...


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sje je letak.. tengah selsema seyh.
da 3 minggu aku rasa but yg minggu ni lagi teruk..

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