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Thanks for your supporting in this blog. I know it was just new... and sorry for the Malay Language, if you want to translate it into English, you can search it. By the way, wish me luck and pray for my succeed in Mid Year Exam ok. Sometimes I'm selfish,
hope you understand me. To all my friends , thanks for being my best friends, You teach me something although you are not teaching me. I'm look at by my eyes and I found something's new in my life. Sorry if I'm not seeing you because I want to solve my problem. I'm very lonely right now, hope you can give me some shine of my life, I really need it. Hmm, why is no subject, because this is just a public "umum".

Anyway, I want to ask you something..
Who's are clever on making instrumental music @ karaoke music @ minus one ?
If you know, can you give me the software ok ?

that's all for today.

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