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That song just another John Cena quote of their life. That has been used for a long-long time since 2006.. @ The song is called Hustle Loyalty Respect by John Cena featuring Bumpy Knuckles. Just in short, don't wanna talk about that too much.. HLR is needed always in ur life too. Hustle means fight hard, loyalty is loyal to others and respect is respecting others.. Don't coz of you're not clever, u feeling down.. [NEVER GIVE UP CENATION].. So much for CENATION I think, maybe at WWE Wrestlemania Pay Par View on 4th April 2011 [Malaysian Time], you maybe will see The Rock vs Cena vs Miz. But anyhow, maybe the match will held later as Cena is the number 1 contender for WWE Champion right now to face the WWE Champ The Miz at WM.. If cena vs rock vs miz. I'm much more prefered to choose The Rock as the winner although I was a part of CENATION, maybe this WM was the most electrifying show in all of entertainment.

Down Since Day One

How bout that, act it was the back of the John Cena old Hustle Loyalty Respect Shirt when he's leader of Chain-Gang Soldier. This shirt las was wear by John at WWE Wrestlemania 22 I think, the day that he's have a match with "The Celebral Assasin'" Triple.............. H. I just want the shirt damn much.. but now sold out already.. just want to make sure to find the rough design so I can print to any shop that offered that..

Another topic... just a sure, this 2nd semester are worrying me. About my attitude, sometimes good, sometimes bad, maybe Allah want to test me. So, I will accept that as long as I am muslim. That's why I love Islam so much. This happiness can't find in any other religion than Islam. What a beautiful movement.. Sometimes it keeps me to back on track @ the easiest translation is to stay in love with Allah. So that Allah will always love me as long as I remember him.. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. Hope You'll success and will find better life. May Allah Bless.. :)

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